A paperware brand that brings mindful moments to customers before they eat sweets.

Akane Misawa &

Sky Coppenrath 


Winter 2018

14 Wk Project



This team project took place at Tamabi University, in Tokyo. The team was comprised of one product designer and one Japanese oil painter. Together, we created emotional journeys for our users.

Handmade Washi Paper

Industrial Paper Board

This first product uses two pieces of folded paper. The box sizes can vary, while the top can take any shape, color, or texture. Finally, a product that gives desserts the centerfold they deserve.

Mochi Dessert Collaboration 1

Collaboration 2

Limited Tin Edition

With intriguing shapes and visually delightful surprises, the customer can create introspective moments and memorable experiences.



Mikan Orange

 A "BOX" OF 


Contains 6 Pieces

Spring Edition

Autumn Edition



Hitokake paperware was shown at the Tastemaking Exhibition inside

Tamabi University's Art-Theque gallery.