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Inspired by Nomadic Lifestyles

Hey there, I'm Sky Coppenrath, an industrial designer inspired by the freedom of nomadic lifestyles. I strive to capture the essence of adventure in functional, beautiful products that enhance your everyday life. Let's bring a touch of wanderlust to your world!


Welcome to my world where creativity meets collaboration and sustainability is key. My design approach is all about crafting solutions that not only inspire and delight but also stand the test of time. Each project reflects this ethos, driven by open communication and a focus on function.

I'm passionate about using durable and sustainable materials, alongside production methods that minimize harm to the environment. With a mix of tools and a commitment to excellence, I bring ideas to life in ways that are both practical and interesting.

My goal is simple: to create designs that are authentic, innovative, and sustainable. Join me on this journey where we explore design possibilities with an eye toward a more exciting future.

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