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Folding Shower Pan Hero Shot 1

Flexible Space



Industrial Designer

2D, 3D, CMF, engineering, vendor package creator, quality inspector




TAXA Outdoors


Space is the most valuable item when traveling in a lightweight camper. That is why the bathroom area was transformed into a flexible space that can be used for draining dishes, showers, storage, and a valuable tabletop.

  • Dish drain surface

  • Shower with privacy curtain

  • Porta-potty stowage box and location

  • Daywork and nightstand swivel table

Folding Shower Pan CAD 1
Folding Shower Hero Render 1

An enhanced shower that accommodates adventurers up to 6’6″ tall also includes a flexible hose that can reach the doorway to knock out any muddy feet before heading inside. 

Mantis 5.2 Shower Hero Shot 1
Mantis 5.2 Shower Hero Shot 2
Mantis 5.2 Shower Hero Shot 3
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