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Ridge Valet Tray Render 1

Valet Tray


In production, available here.


Contracted industrial designer

2D, 3D, CMF




The Ridge 

Perfectly sized tray to hold two Ridge Wallets. Whether you and your partner both have a Ridge or you keep one Ridge for day use and one for nice occasions, this provides you the versatility you need.

  • PC + ABS injected base plate

  • In-unit cable fastener

  • Reversible carbon logo plate

  • Perforated leather footings 

  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 12" x 2.3" 

  • Weight: 9oz

Ridge Valet Tray CAD Image 1
Ridge Valet Tray Hero Shot 1
Ridge Valet Tray Hero Shot 2
Ridge Valet Tray Hero Shot 3

The items you carry every day are your tools for better living. The Ridge EDC Tray is purpose-built to keep those essentials as accessible and organized as possible. Store your wallets, watches, phones and keys in the 4 anti-slip compartments, and the functional inlets for simple cable management.

Ridge Valet Tray Hero Shot 4
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